Problem in SAP element identification


I am currently working with SAP and till yesterday it was working fine even elements also captured properly. Suddenly, Uipath could not able to identify SAP elements, I tried doing uipath re-installation also followed this link: SAP Elements Identification Problem but didnt worked.

Note: SAP is a client side application and GUI scripting also enabled

Please let me know if anyone knows the solution for this

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Could you please check once SAP script was enabled on server side or not ?

Yup it is enabled and working fine till yesterday.


Ok. Check once with that team whether they did any server restart. If yes, may be script was disabled. Please check now.

Check if any new patches have been uploaded to the SAP at the back-end. If that’s the case then the scripting might have to be disabled and enabled back again. As funny as this sounds, this worked for me in a previous implementation.

I am using client SAP desktop application, Im not seeing any dependency for server GUI scripting but I checked now its enabled

I enabled it again but still not working


If possible, can you try in other system to check whether it is problem with your system or all systems.
If same issue occurs in every system then it is problem with SAP only.


I tried, in another system it is working fine, only in mine it is not working


First try to remove the configuration connection from SAP and re configure it and then enable script. Finally, restart system and UIPath studio.

thanks it worked @lakshman

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Good to hear :grinning:

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