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I want to insert data into SAP Miro product invoice number and item number table from excel. here condition is at a only 8 rows can paste in table then page down this activity should be repeated till 100 rows from excel. how to do this? is there any option to paste all 100 rows at a time in miro table.??? or any other option

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Is there any way we can upload a excel file to file that page in Sap

If there is any then it would be way more easier


There will be a option to get it from clipboard in SAP
In that case read the data with read range activity and and have it in a datatable named dt

Then use OUTPUT DATATABLE activity and pass dt as input and get the output as string named Strinput

Now use a SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and pass that string variable as input

Then use a normal click activity and click on that copy from clipboard Icon in SAP Page

Cheers @Kanchan_Gawande

1)Read the excel data, and store it in Datatable, if required you can filter the datatable based on column name. Once you have data in Datatable .

2)You can convert to string - using output data table activity

3)Now use set to clipboard activity to have the entire data stored in clipboard (work same as Ctrl+C)

4)Now there is a button in sap - get from cliplboard ( works same as ctrl+v). This will populate all data in SAP Rows.

Hope this works.

I can paste only 8 rows at a time. This make the activity more lengthy. It is miro activity I want enter data in Purchase order table. I tried for
PON0=PONo + CurrentRow.ItemArray(0).ToString + Environment.NewLine
ItemNo=ItemNo + CurrentRow.ItemArray(1).ToString + Environment.NewLine

but this logic skip row no.9 and go till 96

May I know how this is done and I m also wondering the 8 rows is something a restriction from the SAP application or with the bot