Copying column from Excel to SAP

How can i input data from excel to SAP, but the data in excel is around 200 rows and above, i want to paste the 200 row data in SAP at a time. how is this possible? need help on this.

Or how can i send 3 keys as hotkey to excel so that i can copy the column values through Shift+End +Down arrow.


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Can you check in your SAP system that any option of Import Excel, so that you can use simple click


You can use For Each row activity and fill the form in SAP

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To send hotkey to copy data. First, use select range activity to select the range like A2 to A200. And then use send hotkey to send crtl+c to copy the data.

Like this :point_down:

To enter data into SAP you can use For each row activity to get row-wise data from excel. You give either column number or column name.

Like this :point_down:

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Hi @Sirisha_Siri,

You can use Set to Clipboard activity, Take a assign activity on the RHS take your column for that you can use String. join method like String.join(Environment.NewLine,QueryForThatcolumn(Examp - dt.defaultview.totable(False,“Name”) then set the value to clipboad then when you are pasting in SAP just use the paste button which is already there in SAP it will take the value from clipboard and paste there. remember to clean clipboard if you are doing this in a loop or several times.

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Hi Thanks for ur response. I have read the column and stored it. It got stored in
system.Collections.Generic.IENumberable variable type. Now i am trying to convert it to Datatable so that i can input it in output datatable activity(to transform it to string variable). How can i proceed here.

I am getting an error like object strict on disallows implicit conversions from system.Collections.Generic.IENumberable to

No, not there. and i need to paste only particular column values into SAP

do you mean copy it to a list like this?

yes exactly

  1. download my activity from marketplace
    Column to HTML - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

  2. use my activity to convert excel column to a text file

  3. let uipath click this button to import text file

  4. fill in text file path and click OK

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