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Hello, I have copied a table from SAP and have it in the clipboard, how can I pasted it in excel

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Hey @mihai.godeanu

  1. Use Get From Clipboard activity and save it in a string variable str_Table

  2. Use Generate Data Table activity & pass str_Table as the input

  3. The above will provide you an output which should be stored in dt_Table

  4. Then you can please use Write Range activity to write the table into Excel

Hope this helps.


Hi @mihai.godeanu ,

Why are you coping the data from SAP table. You can use datascarping if there are less columns or directly export to excel using Export feature in SAP.

You don’t paste into Excel. You use the Excel activities to write to Excel.

can you post a screenshot of the table?
theres usually an export button for SAP tables, if theres not then you can use data scraping

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if theres no button , you can also check the menu bar, usually in a page with table, the menu bar would have something like List->Export->Spreadsheet

you can directly use the select menu item activity to click it

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