Pasting X rows of data into SAP transaction

Hi experts! Ran into an issue today where I need to copy and paste data from either Excel or a Datatable into an SAP transaction that will only allow pasting of 25 records at a time. Because of this 25 record limitation in SAP, if I have 100 items to paste into this transaction I will need to increment through the data and copy and paste 4 times (25 rows each). Once each group is pasted the bot will push a button in the GUI to advance to the next screen and paste the next group of 25 results, etc.

Not sure how to accomplish this in Excel or from a (ideally) data table within a variable. TIA

check this thread

if you have any doubts please explain it and also the manual steps you perform to achieve this


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I hope this helps.It is a similar requirement where 10k records are being fetched you can change it to 25


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Thank you @Anil_G! I follow your logic and will try it asap.

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