How to paste a fixed a number of items in SAP until the list ends?

Hi guys,

I have a number of items stored in a datatable. Now, i want to paste all the values from one of the column of the datatable to another SAP screen (Image below; need to be paste under the Document column). But the screen allows input for only 14 items at a item, whereas in the datatable the number is uncertain & is usually much higher than 14.
Can anyone please tell me how this can be done?


Hi @sayanghosh333,

I hope you are taking data from your data table by using a For Each Row activity. Now, inside this loop please use Type Into activity and select the 1st cell in SAP, make ClickBeforeTyping and EmptyField options checked.

Now in the Text box in Type Into activity use your string variable along with a down key (you will find this key with the plus(+) sign present in that box).

You are all set to go now.

Hope it will help you.

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Hey Apurba,
Your suggestion is really helpful but the problem is that this SAP screen takes input for only 14 rows, not more(ie that number visible in the screen). The down arrow will not work after you have reached the last row(14th) that is visible in the screenshot above. How can I paste the values in that case? Considering I will have more than 50 values & the number will change everytime.

Yea @sayanghosh333,

I have got your point. I hope this table accepts any no. of rows.

May I kindly know that how does this manually work? Does this process work good by down key manually?

If the above then this method should work fine regardless of no. of rows.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Apurba,
The table only accepts 14 rows. You can press the down arrow to go to the next line, but only till the 14th row, after that pressing the down arrow will not do anything.

What about using a counter and after 14 rows hit the down arrow?