Sample ReFramework Project

I am looking for a sample project created using ReFramework which would open a website and login to it. Have spent almost 2 days going through Reframework stuff over the internet, I guess if I get a simple project and see it running I will have more understanding on it.

I tried creating a project and mainly facing issues on the below points :

  1. After passing the URL, Username and Password in the config file, how do I use it in the Process Transaction when I am running Open Browser Activity.
  2. Under which block in Process Transaction I should import Open Browser Activity, would I need a sequence to be included in the Process Transaction.

Please can someone guide me to the right path, thanks a lot in advance.


For your First issue - 1.To get data from a config file you need to read the config file using read range and store the values in a dictionary .Then you can use the respective value .

For your second point -
Re framework consist four states
Init- Here you will read config file ,kill process and Initialize your applications.
Get Transaction data- Here you will arrange data to work on.
Process- Here your processing workflows resides .
End Process- You close all of your Application .


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  1. Read the config, store it in dictionary, and get the password using ‘Get Credentials’ and all other values using their keys.
  2. Open browser can be imported in Init Phase, and the processing workflow can be invoked in Process Transaction.

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See here for an example project that works without Orchestrator. It takes an Excel file input instead: