Using Config File in ReFramework Project

I am working on a project in the ReFramwork and trying to access variables and constants in the contained Config excel file. I have done this before but in this specific scenario, my workflows will not access the Config file. Instead, I get an error saying “Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly.” It works when I hard-code the data into the variables so the problem is that its not reading the Config file. If anyone can help with this problem that would be great.

Make sure your config file is not open. Also see to it that it is present inside Data folder!
Also check whether the names(QueueName etc) are similar to what you have used in your workflow!

I have made sure its not open and in the data folder. I’ve checked the names to make sure they match but I will check again.

This may be a dumb question but it could also be the reason for error…can you use the ReFramework/Config file without using an instance of orchestrator? I do not have an instance set up yet, I am just running locally on my machine.

If your items/credentials are not stored on the orchestrator it will surely work!
You can also try deleting the fields in the config file which are not used! That might help you :slight_smile:

Makes sense. Still not sure why it isn’t working haha. Thanks for your help though!

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Actually just figured it out haha. I had the config file in the file explorer but I had not clicked “show all” in uipath to make the excel files appear

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Happy Automation!

I have one question related to this. for eg using init all settings , i read my credentials from orchestrator. now i created two varials username and password. now in init all applications i want to use those creds. how can i do this?

Hey @poojakumari2793, actually you don’t need to use or create variable for username and password in the init all applications. You just need to create input argument as in_Config and pass it to “InitAllSettings” workflow and use the same argument in System1_Login and SHA1Online_Login workflow to get credential and URL details from the Config file. Refer below screen print and I hope you understood it.

Please let me know in case you still need any help.

Thank You,

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