REFramework Config File

So what do I do now? how do I get the config file in here, do I just literally copy the process from the REFramework example process? txt is down below!

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Hi, If you will create new project using Framework you can find that config file in Config directory inside project Directory:


In the folder of your project there is a folder "Data inside that folder there is the Config file


To start a project with REFramework, when you open UiPath Studio, you have a special button for starting a project with the framework. After you choose this option, the main steps are already done (eg: reading the configuration file, get transaction data, etc.) for a better understanding, start a project with reframework and try to understand each workflow and the connection between them.


Thanks @tshedzamclay , and where exactly do i find this folder?

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While beeing in UiPAth Studio click icon : image
It will automaticly open folder with your project, then go to Data, in that folder you should see config file.

thanks a lot @rado

On Library inside the Documents folder there is a UiPath Folder check your project name, it will be also on a folder then you will find the Data folder.Please see the example below

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@tshedzamclay Thanks a lot, so i just delete that whole process thats in that REFramework template and buil my project in there? and use that config?

You don’t have to delete anything, unless if you have you own template that you want to use for your project. and the config have to use it to meet what you want like getting Assets which are in Orchestrator