Is it good to use REFramework when only need to login on any website and do some click and download the excel sheet?

I was thinking, that we really need to create process in REFramework , when I just need to create simple process.

  1. Go to Url and Login
  2. Navigate to Report section
  3. Download it in xlsx type
  4. Close
    If yes, then how I’m going to manage with GetTransactionData, because we don’t have multiple tranaction item to process, how to deal with this?
    If no, what’s the best option?
    Need help!!!

Hi @manu.jaggi

This could be achieve simply from a Flow Chart or Sequence

REFramwork should be used for mainly large amount of request and complex business logic

See these as well


Thanks @PrankurJoshi, I would like to follow this approach, create REFramework process, and make changes according to the requirement like I will remove “Get Transaction” block, so that I can use logging and error handling feature of framework. What you suggest? Any better approach

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As suggested for this particular scenario Sequence/FlowChat would be best suitable one.