Running StudioX Automations

StudioX is intended for creating attended automation projects. With the Community License, you have access to 2 Attended Robots. How do you plan on using them?

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With one of the Robots, we tend to convert the idea into a workable solution. And then with the other robot, reverse engineer the idea back to its original form. This way, we will be able to derive the input parameters from the output. This will primarily be helpful in creating an approach for Machine Learning via Robots.

Was able to deploy an attended robot to Orchestrator today and run the process through UiPath Assistant. Seemed pretty straightforward.

I have a couple transactional actions we can quickly apply our attended robots to. However, I’m a little confused on how to use the 1 unattended robot provided through the Community license.

How can one run the attended bot in the background and proceed with other tasks in the same machine? Particularly where the process doesn’t use any UI automation activities.

I know it’s late to reply on this thread but just for information New version of studioX has “run in PIP (Picture in picture)” feature which can run the task in separate session to avoid locking of your control to proceed with other activity.

In running projects, we need the same report format using up-to-date data. I can input the data, and the robot can generate the report.

I plan to use them in processes where approvals are required after manual and repetitive work, I still don’t know which one but I’m sure there will be several

Published 2 Bots…but still not sure what to put into Certificate and other stuffs…

I have built a workflow, but for every new job that needs to executed, I have to redefine some UI element. This is because the UI element is a barcode and the barcode changes for every new job. Hence, I wont be able to use the publish feature because then the workflow will fail for the new job which has a new barcode.

I will be using a very similar software to UiPath, called Primo, when I receive my RPA license. The bit of practice I get building robots on UiPath will help me build my robots on Primo, as the two softwares are very similar in interface.

In the near future, Primo itself will feature a training regimen.

I am most excited about automations, because i can put to use many of the functions of studiox . looking forward to completing and trying this function out

We have some ideas but we’re not 100% sure yet but I think we have quite a few repetitive tasks we can leverage bots for. We are very excited. System access requests, updating internal documents and we work with a lot of reports.

It should also be explained how a robot is activated attended or unattended for academic licenses

It feels a little late in the Citizen Developer learning plan to explain the topics in this module.