Finished my first project, and then

Hi UiPath,

I finished my first project in UiPath studioX. And I was wondering how I actually start using my automation. For now I just click RUN in the studio and that works fine, but I think there are better solution without having to use studioX?

Also, I want to run my automation on a VPS server so I dont need to use my own PC, but every time I log off from the server, the automation stops(Mostly windows session is locked). I read something about unattended vs attended, but I couldnt find these options in StudioX, should I use the normal Studio for that?

Thanks for your answers!

Hi @Igor2

Congratulations on completing your first automation project in UiPath StudioX.

To run your automation outside of UiPath StudioX, you can look at these options:

  1. Publish your automation project to Orchestrator and schedule it to run at a specific time. This is a good option if you want your automation to run automatically on a server, without any user intervention.

  2. Export your automation project as an executable file and run it on any computer without UiPath StudioX installed.

  3. Use UiPath Assistant to run your automation. UiPath Assistant is a tool that allows you to run your automation without having to open UiPath StudioX.

UiPath StudioX is designed for attended automation, which means it’s meant to be used by a human user. If you want to run unattended automation, you’ll need to use UiPath Orchestrator. To run your automation on a VPS server, you’ll need to use UiPath Orchestrator. You can install UiPath Robot on your VPS server and connect it to Orchestrator to run your automation. The following doc might help you with this:

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Hi @Igor2 ,

Studiox is development environment where you can design your work flows and you can run your processes using studiox for debugging purposes. If you want to run your developed process automatically in different VM you would need Orchestrator where you can deploy your developed process and use un attendee robot to run your process un attended.

There are three components one is studiox for development and orchestrator of
S your control room where you can manage your robots and processes and robot is your agent which runs your processes.


Thank you both for your quick reply. I just managed to Publish my work and run it in the UiPath assistant, but I believe this is just one of many steps.

So if I see correctly I still need the “Orchestrator” and a " Robot". Did orchestrator come in the installation package of UiPath?

Also I read that for unattended use, it is not advised to design with StudioX, so I could expect some problems with this later on the way?

Thanks for your help!


In UiPath, both the Orchestrator and the Robot are required components to enable automation. The Orchestrator allows you to centrally manage and monitor your UiPath Robots, and it comes as a separate installation package from the UiPath Studio.

While it is possible to use StudioX for unattended automation, it is generally recommended to use the UiPath Studio instead, which provides more advanced functionality and greater flexibility. This is because unattended automation requires more complex error handling, logging, and monitoring capabilities, which are better suited for the UiPath Studio. So, if you plan to design for unattended use, it is advisable to use UiPath Studio instead of StudioX.

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Thank you for your reply!

I cant seem to find a download link for Orchestrator, is that the part where UiPath is only for business purposes, and not for hobby users like myself?

Also I still don’t understand how the difference can be so big in for example using a laptop in another room that I keep on 24/7. In this case my automation works perfectly. My VPS server is nothing more then a computer that is placed somehwere else and that I control with a remote desktop program if I’m correct? If I run the automation in the Remote desktop window, it runs perfectly, until I disconnect. But can’t I just tell the VPS server to keep active, keep the screen on and keep the automation running?

I’m very new but very interested in automation, so sorry for my maybe “basic” questions.

Thank you for your help!

I finally found the Orchestrator, simply on the UiPath website in my account :slight_smile:

I encounter a problem when trying to start my project from there:

“There are no Unattended runtimes configured on this machine.”

From what I read in the UiPath docs, I have to add something in the assistant settings. But in the Orchestrator settings I can not change from “Service URL” to “Client ID”. It does not let me select anything else then the default “Service URL”

Slowly we are getting where we want, but I still need a little bit of help!

Thanks all


Very good question. You are accessing a remotely from your computer using a mechanism called Remote Desktop Connection. From specifying the ip & other properties of the remotely located system , you can take control of the same. (That remote system need not to be a physical computer, it can be just a virtual server hosted on a network). If the system is hosted in a close & secure network (Virtual Private Cloud - VPC) you need access to get into their network VPN.

Regarding keeping in the connection active, sonce you are accessing an active system from your system, the remote system will stay in the active state as long as you don’t turn down that. It doesn’t matter if your local machine is locked or shutdown, remote server will stay alive.

Hope this helps,
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