Question about licensing and execution

I’ve been reading this page about the pro license: Automation Pricing - Complete UiPath Enterprise Solution | UiPath

And was wonderiing, if I have all of my robots built in studio and have them published to orchestrator. How many instances do I have to run studio robotos attended and unattended? Can i run them on the automation express license or can I only run them on my automation developer license?

If this makes sense? Will I have to rebuild all of my robots in studio X to then run them across all of my licenses?

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You can run as many instances of Studio robots as you have licenses for. For example, if you have 10 Studio licenses, you can run up to 10 instances of Studio robots at the same time.

Yes, you can run Studio robots attended and unattended on the Automation Express license. The Automation Express license is a good option for businesses that are just starting out with RPA and have a limited need for automation.

you can run Studio robots on any UiPath license, including the Automation Developer license even if it’s Non production license but with non production you can only run and can’t edit

Where as The Automation Developer license is designed for developers who are building and deploying RPA solutions.

No, you do not need to rebuild your robots to run them on different licenses. They are compatible with all.

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @aquinn

@Palaniyappan How can I publish a studio robot to a user with an automation express license and make it attended?

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From studio Publish your automation process to UiPath Orchestrator, ensuring it’s available as a package.

Install UiPath Assistant on the user’s machine and configure it to connect to Orchestrator. UiPath Assistant will automatically run the processes that are assigned to the user in Orchestrator.


Ive done this but it is defaulting to unattended for the process how do i make this attended?

And I have assigned the correct user to the folder but the process does not show in their assistant

Check this out


Apologies could you explain it abit as i am confused? I have a process that I have published as a nukpg file… How do I upload this as attended?

Can u change this to attended
Directly open assistant and see whether the new process is reflecting there or not as u have already published it to orchestrator

If not there then check whether assistant is connect to right tenant and try then


Thats my issue i do not know how to change this to execution type attended

Did u try this either @aquinn

It is not showing on the assistant either but i have assigned the user to the folder… But how can I change this from unattended to attended

Click on three dots and see edit option there @aquinn

I do not have an option

And i have this error on my machines

@Palaniyappan Can I ask you to take a look at this please? I appreciate your help - when I go to set up an attended robot in the group It doesnt let me

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