How to create an attended robot in Studio x?

Hello fellowes

I’m using Studio x.
Whenever I create robots and then publish, I can see the robot is shown as unattended type in Orchestrator.

May I know how to create “attended robot” in studio x ??


You need to allocate a attended robot license…or if you run the robot from UiPath assistant you would be able to see the attended run

From orchestrator you can run only unattended



Can you try either of the following?

  1. Edit project.json using text editor such as Notepad

Change false to true at isAttended


  1. Open the project using Studio, then turn on Attneded Automation in PorjectSettings


Hello Yoichi,

Thanks for your advise.
I tried to get to the first way but there is no option like yours.

So I took the second way and changed false to true.
In this case, it is changed to Attended ?


Unfortunately, there is no option in StudioX. Please modify project.json using TextEditor.
We can see Execution Type in AutomationCloud after publishing, as the following.


Dear Yoichi

I appreciate it.
I can see that it is “attended” now in Orchestrator.

But, If you don’t mind, may I ask how to deploy the automation to another PC ?
In the another PC, I installed “Ui path Assistant”.

Just want to know how the attended robot is processed in the another PC ?


Can you try t he following step?

  1. Publish package to Tenant feed (or specific folder feed (not personal workspace))

  2. Create process in specific folder (for example, Shared) from the package

  3. Add user to the folder

  4. The process will be shown in the user’s Assistant.


Dear Yoichi,

I have only one option when publish as below picture,



Which license do you use? If AutomationExpress, you can use only personal workspace

If use other license, can you try to add role as the following post.