Locked screen with uipath

Hi folks

I have some questions that i need to clarify;

is it possible that a Screen can be locked from user action while robot is working?

Also is it possible that a User has possibility to override lock with hot key to not to loose control?

I have a proccess running and the screen blocks due to security domain policy, and is not possible to disable it nor modify.

so i need to find a solution for this issue.

please could you help me to avoid this?

thanks, BR.

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See this link

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this is old, i have version 2018 and is changed . In my case some parts can be in background but when i send hotkeys or some clic actions does not work :C


Same situation.


Hi folks,

please, any ideas or advices about this?

thanks, BR

This link does not help at all.

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Hi @anshuman_rai

It is indeed possible to automate on a locked screen, but you have to be very careful about the activities you want to use and their parameters. For most web automations, it should not be a problem to use the “Simulate Click” or “SendWindowsMessage” option in the properties to make it robust and available for automation in the background.

However, as per the issue from the first post. Does it help to simply navigate using the Click activity set as Native (without simulation)? Normally this should make Windows think that there is an actual user moving the mouse, thus not letting the computer go to sleep mode.
(however, I did not test it myself, so I’m not sure if it will be a working solution; please keep us updated!)


I have the same problem, I cannot get my screen unlocked.

I use the following orchestrator: UiPath

And scheduled a task every 5 minutes, the task runs, but my computer doesn’t unlock.

How do I unlock my computer using the orchestrator?

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Hi @vsanden

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Tasks scheduled via Orchestrator will not unlock your screen, unless it is already open at the time it runs the process.

I don’t think it is possible to unlock your screen if it is locked, given it uses a separate connection to reach your machine for the unattended scenario.

While you are here @loginerror, I answered this topic but I don’t know if I was right or not. Could you elaborate please, since the topic is an interesting one.

I think it is not possible to unlock a screen altogether.

Basically, see here:

Studio Community Edition runs with a User Mode Robot Service. It means that if you log all the users out, it will disconnect the Robot service and no scheduling will be possible via Orchestrator.

However, if you are already logged in, Orchestrator will take over that session. This is what happens when you run a process from Orchestrator on an active user session. It basically runs it right away.

I did not test it, but it will most likely also take over the session if you have your screen locked (not slept). This scenario is not supported with the User Mode Robot and thus should not be counted on.
There will also not be a way to unlock the screen.

The machine-wide robot service (available via MSI installer) will also not allow you to unlock the screen, because Orchestrator will create an RDP session to the machine. Such session also cannot be unlocked.

I hope it answers your question :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror,
If I schedule a bot on restarted system, it won’t work as there are no users logged in into the system right?
What if the robot installed is in Service Mode? What difference will it make, can you please explain me how Service Mode robots actually run?


The service runs on a machine even if users are logged out. This means that Orchestrator can communicate with the Robot service and in turn initiate an RPD session with the machine in which it logs in using credentials specified in Orchestrator and then executes the process.


Hi @loginerror
Any process can be launched on “service” mode? How can I install “service” mode?

I’m testing a process that is supposed to check a Sharepoint web form with an excel file, save the excel file, read the form and the excel, open our ERP desktop software, create a project and its work orders on it and close the Sahrepoint form once finished. We want the employee who will run this process working on other things while the process run so, is there a way (for example, she connects to a virtual machine by RDP since her computer, she launch the automation on the virtual machine, she lock/minimize it and she works at the same time on her computer)? :thinking:

I believe the only way to install it (without extensive powershell hacks), is to use the MSI installer with the Enterprise license (I believe it is no longer possible to license the MSI installer with the Community Installer, which was the preferred way in the past).

See here for a nice video on the state of unattended automation on Community License:
Scheduling an UiPath unattended processes on your development computer

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