Community robot working on the locked screen


I just want to ask if it’s possible to run community edition robot from task scheduler when the screen is locked ?
I was reviewing the UiPath Forum, and there are some informations saying that it is possible and some that it’s not. Im a bit confused right now, and just want to make sure is there any other way to run the robot on locked screen from task scheduler.
Thank you

@Mateusz_Koper Before uipath was supporting task scheduler but now it does not support task scheduler but you can schedule by using uipath orchestrator

i know i know, but im already working with Task scheduler.
Robot is starting from task scheduler but the problem is not clicking in the application, so my question am i doing something wrong or it is not possible at all ?

@Mateusz_Koper Without scheduler it is able to click or not?

So while im trying to run from task scheduler:

Locked screen
it’s not working, always stops while entering the login to the applcation

non locked screen

Working perfectly

While i’m trying to run from Studio, on non-locked screen is always working without any problems

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Hi @Mateusz_Koper

In simple terms, it is possible, but not fully reliable. You can try running the process that makes a screenshot of the desktop and saves it to see the issue (basically the Start menu is open and on top of the automation).

You will need to always use the Simulate Click or Send Windows Message options on your UI interaction activities (Click, Type) to make it reliable. Even then, however, I think it might misbehave and be less reliable than RDPing into the user session via orchestrator to run your unattended process.

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Hi, thank you for your response.
Yes, im already using Simulate Click but its not working as well. All the time process stucked in the same place.

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Is it a particular error? I would definitely try to screenshot the moment it crashes for easier debugging. It is, however, most likely some UI interaction that is not possible in the unattended process.

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