Running process in closed laptop


I’m trying to run a process which includes UI interactions in a closed laptop.

I changed the laptop settings to run the laptop even if the laptop or lid is closed.

So, I found the laptop settings are working fine and the system is not getting locked. But, when I run any process it get faulted when the laptop is closed.

I found an article about executing the process in the minimized RDP

But, how can I achieve the same is a physical machine?

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Thank you!

Please explain more for below points

  1. Faulting activity name with error message. Screenshot would be great
  2. Confirm if process works when laptop lid is open
  3. Confirm if laptop set to do nothing when lid is closed
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does your bot is been installed in service mode? or user mode?

To run unattended the bot should be installed in service mode or else bot wont be able to interact with the Ui elements
Also check your trigger is been working properly and you have provided the windows credentials to the robot user to perform unattended run

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Processing is running fine when the laptop lid is open, the process failed when executing the first activity having any UI interaction.


I’m not sure about user/service mode.

I will try to provide more details on what all things I’m doing.

I’m trying to an automation for some of my personal use, I haven’t connected the studio with orchestrator and I’m not think to do that.

What I do is just start the automation via assistant and leave the system for an hour. Now, for some reason I need to close and keep the laptop. First I set the laptop to keep working even on closing the lid.

Even after that I found the process keep failing at the first UI interaction activity, After that I found the notes about working with the Minimized RDP and followed those steps as well and found it keeps failing at the same point.

I’m not able to completely do the automation with background activities or simulate functions.

Can you help me on this? :slight_smile:

Then most probably, your laptop is not configured properly.

Check your laptop’s sleep timer option as well

Your power option should look like below

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I have verified the power options and looks like it is configured properly.

hmm thats quite strange, also check the sleep timer

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Hi, Thank you for the reply.

I don’t think this is happening due to some configuration issues in the power/sleep options.

The automation fails in 2-3 minutes after the lid is closed and when I open the laptop, it will be in the active mode itself.

But, I think the laptop screen is turning off means no light on the screen and this result in losing the interactive session for the bot to execute the automation/UI actions.

It seems to be issue with Windows 10 and Laptop
check out this thread

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This video should help you out (It is related to the thread)

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OMG! It worked for me.

Really, I was about to get one VGA/HDMI fake cables to try the same but, never thought there will be some drivers to serve the purpose.

Thank you so much!

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