Unattended Robot will not execute process when Virtual Machine is minimized, but will continue to run process when VM is open

Hi guys, im having an issue with my unattended robot. I have a process running on a virtual machine, everytime the virtual machine is open, the process runs correctly, but when i minimize the virtual machine or logged out of it, the process does not run correctly, any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello @Farai_Alvin ,

Is your entire process supports background execution? If yes it should work fine even your VM is minimized. Can you try with a dummy project which are having few document automation and try to execute. If its working fine, then you need to modify the property of click and typeinto actviities in your automation.

Hi , thanks for responding to me. I will try check if all my click and type activities are in simulation mode.

Hi i see what is causing my error, the attach browser activity i have is throwing an error. My process runs with an unattended robot, when VM
is closed, it does not work. But when VM is open, it works.

Hey @Farai_Alvin

Did you install your bot in Service mode please ?