Run a bot From robot tray

I want to run a process designed from robot tray. I dont have access to orchestrator. How can I run it from robot tray. How can I have the process in robot tray.

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If your machine is connected to orchestrator and if your process is published to that orchestrator we can run that process from robot tray even though we don’t have access to that orchestrator
For that go to start → search as UiPath Robot → click on to it and that would open a small icon at the right bottom of desktop along the notification icons
Click on that and we would be able to see the process
Click on play button


If your machine is not connected to that orchestrator (anyhow we don’t need to worry about having access or not) then if we try to publish the process from studio it will get fed to studio feed and that will show the process as well in the robot tray

For more details of robot tray

Cheers @Shashi123

I dont want to publish the process to orchestrator. Is there any way to get the process in the robot tray.

Hi @Shashi123

  1. create a project in uipath studio
  2. publish the project to a directory of choice
  3. copy the .nupkg package to the robot machine in the default package directory
    ( in my case thats in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\ ). please check your path
  4. after this you should see the project in your robot (tray). You might have to update the package.
  5. when hovering over the package there will be a play button. press it to start the processs

Kommi Jeevan.


I have the package in the folder you mentioned. But I dont see the process in robot tray.

first disconnect orchestrator settings and then try, you will get published process.


Yes I am able to see the process. Now my question is if my robot is not connected to Orchestartor I cant see the one I have manually pasted the package in the folder mentioned by you.

Just now I tried TestRobot.1.0.1.nupkg prcocess I saved into another folder that process I copy to this folder C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages.