Run same process on two machines simultaneously with unattended bot

Hi All, I wanted to know is there a way to run 1 process simultaneously on 2 machines with two licenses with unattended robot?

Hi @abhinav_bhardwaj,

You should be able to start the job on both machines on Orchestrator, when you go to start the process in the Processes tab. I believe these machines will have to be in the same environment to do so.

Hi @abhinav_bhardwaj

You can run same process simultaneously on 2 machines by Selecting Specific Robots while creating the triggers and “Choose the Robots” to run on.

One more Option is if you have only 2 robots Available then you can go with the option All Robots, that will triggers your process on all the available bots simultaneously



Hope you using Orchestrator Queue’s and following Dispatcher and Performer design here.

Yes you can run the same process in multiple machines at the same time.

Thanks guys. Had a top up query. Are the bots tagged to user (logged on to the machine) or to the VM?

So essentially its:

  1. Two VMs
  2. Same user logged onto both VMs
  3. Two bot licences available
  4. One process that needs to be run on both VMs simultaneously.
  1. In the Tenant, go to Settings. Then check the option “Modern Folders-Enable account-machine mappings”
  2. Create a trigger. In the trigger page, assign the robots and machines in the option “Select Valid User-Machine Mappings”

  1. Run the job according to the trigger. You will find job is being executed on both machines as assigned at same time.