Need to run a Process simultaneously in 3 robots

Dear All,

We have 4 unattended Robots licensed to Orchestrator.
I need to run a process simultaneously in 3 different robots at a time.
Please let me know how to do that.


HI @Sanghamitra_Sahoo

Yes you can run the process on 3 different machine. Just set a trigger in the orchestrator to start the process.


Hello Gokul,

I have set a trigger in Orchestrator.
But its running only on 1 robot.

Can you please let me know how to set the trigger to run in 3 robots please.

Hi @Sanghamitra_Sahoo

Have you created the 4 different machine for 4 unattended Robots ?

Hi Gokul,

So essentially its:

Three VMs
Same user logged onto both VMs
Threee bot licences available
One process that needs to be run on Three VMs simultaneously.

You need to set 3 different trigger for the same process.

With the different machine name



Hi Gokul,

I cannot assign machines here, as it should be whichever robot is free the process will take it over. As there are other processes also running at the same time.
Can we do something like that?
I dont want to assign the robots to the process.


and these processes run in Production.

HI @Sanghamitra_Sahoo

You can set 3 different trigger and don’t select any specific user. Just leave it.

If the robot is available the process will run.


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Thanks Gokul,

It worked.

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Great @Sanghamitra_Sahoo

Kindly close this topic by mark as solve it will help for other too.


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