Run project standalone (without UIPath Studio)

I have a project that automates sending mail based on incoming mail using Outlook integration. Every time i want to run the project, I use to go to UIPath Studio to run the project.
Is there any way to run the project without opening Studio? Something like packaging and running as .exe?


Check it out these topics and see if helps you.


Thanks @Lucas.Pimenta!!! Will give it a try

Or you can Start the process using command line arguments:
UiRobot.exe -file “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”

More details in the Robot user guide here:


@ovi: This works well when the UiPath Studio is installed with the Robot on the machine. I haven’t tried out but I would like to know if it is possible to install only the UiRobot on the machine without installing studio or Orchestrator


Hi Priya,

Yes, it is possible to install only the Robot with the .msi installer.

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Hello All,

Could someone please assist me to run a studio package on TEST environment. I do NOT have Orchestrator and do not know how to deploy my project package which is a .nupkg file onto the back office Robot on Test machine.

On the Test machine i do NOT have any UIpath Studio, just UIpath Robot service running on system tray.