Can UiPath Robot stand-alone run project without Studio/Orchestrator? And if yes, how?

Can UiPath Robot stand-alone run project without Studio/Orchestrator? And if yes, how?

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Studio - will use this do design our business process

Robot - Robots execute the automation workflow designed in UiPath Studio and can be centrally managed from UiPath Orchestrator.

Orchestrator - With UiPath Orchestrator in command, your entire virtual workforce is controlled, managed and monitored securely in one place.

Now coming to your question. Answer is yes. After designed the process using studio and we have to publish it. And then will be published into system tray. From there you can run it without using Studio and Orchestrator.


@lakshman, Thanks!

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Hi I had the same problem I’ve done what you suggested and I saved a I file like this “test.1.0.1.nupkg”

OK now how can I run this file without studio and without orchestrator ?


you can run it using the UIRobot.exe
you need to move the .nupkg into the directory “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages”
then open the uirobot tray and it will prompt to update the package then you can run it from there .

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I’m using UiPath community edition downloaded from here

and I’m using studio, I created some robots then I turned off studio I run Uipath executor
C:\Users\Andrea\AppData\Local\UiPath\ and it works but I would like to run the robot in a different machine where sutdio is not installed. I copied the executor in a folder to the new machine and the nupkg file but it doesn’t work.
any ideas ?


@Sax72, When you install Studio, Robot gets installed with it so you would need to install the community edition on the robot machine as well otherwise it will not work. Cheers!!

thanks for your clarification :slight_smile:


If I do not want to install the Community Edition,

Could I just run the install JUST for the Robot

and then update


depending on the packages used.

Would this work?

I see many DLL’s in

C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio

Do the robots require these DLLS in order to run or are the Packages enough for the Robots to run standalone?

Any help would be grateful.


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