Run one project on multiple PCs?

How to run one process on multiple PCs? And Is it possible to run on other machines without Studio, orchestrator or robot? If robot is required then how to connect robot on different machines? Please advise.

Thank you

Hi @Nikita_Chaudhary

Run one process on Multiple pcs can be done unless you install studio

Ashwin S

Uipath bot is required in every machine so if you have two machines you need to install uipath robot in both the machines and connect to orchestrator. and then attach all these machines to that particular process.

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Hi @Nikita_Chaudhary

  • Each machine needs a robot installed on it.
  • The orchestrator should have the sufficient number of licenses equal to the robots you are connecting to it.
  • To run a process on a machine, studio is not necessary. Only robot should be fine.

Is this what you are looking for. If not, can you please elaborate your question?

Hi @santhoshreddy
Thanks for reply,
Could you advise, Can we connect Uipath Robot with the help of Diffrenet PC’s machine key which have orchestrator connecting already. Will it work? if Not then how to connect robot on different machine to run the same process.
Thank you

You can install the UiPath robot and get the machine key and connect to Orchestrator.

Once connected, you can schedule the process at particular time, so that one process can run in different machines

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We got two options to do this
Either if we have the access to all those machines so that we can connect from our local machine itself with the help of REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION
If that is possible then we can include that process in our workflow to login the other machine with RDP Connection so yay we can run from our machine itself no need of robot or studio to be installed in all machine or no need of orchestrator( unless we don’t need to run this process unattended)


If we have the license for such number of robots then we install in
Each machine and then organise them with orchestrator
Cheers @Nikita_Chaudhary

please can you provide us with more detailes for that how to use remote desktop connection as i need the robot to loginto another pc and make rename for some files i need reference for that and how to use it if i use power shell

Sir can explain brief how can we do run code without install studio in machine