Regarding UIPath Robot to run from another computer

Hi, I am new to UIPath
I installed Uipath studio and robot in my system, i published the package and connected to robot and the robot is running successfully.
Now my question is can i run my task in another system where UIPath is not installed.

No,you can’t

You need to install the UiPath Robot to run your process. Uipath Studio is used for design and development of the process. UiPath robot is used to execute the process. After the process is developed using Studio, you need to migrate the process to ‘n’ different machines where Robot software is installed.

How can i install only the UIPath robot. Robot is installing while installing the UIPath Studio.

Contact UiPath support team. In CE both Studio and Robot comes together. But in license model, you can purchase individually. Check with them.

OK,Thank u.

Hi amakundu,

Suppose I am installing Uipath Community edition on 3 systems. So now I have installed Uipath robot also on those systems. Now whether can I use orchestrator and create environment for the 3 robots and run the process all the three systems from a single tenant in an “Unregistered Version” ?

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Orchestrator CE can handle maximum 2 robots.

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