Run a Process in Debug mode inside Unattended bot runner Machine

Hi All,

I have a process running in Unattended mode.It keeps failing inside unattended bot runner machine.The process is triggered from orchestrator.
I could see the process in Robot tray.I need to run the bot in debugging mode so that i can identify the issue activity as the error thrown bot is not helpful.

Please help on how to open the process in unattend machine and run in debug mode

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In that case being ran from orchestrator did we check LOGS in JOBS tab
Like in Jobs tab once after triggering a process at the right end with three dots we got an option called VIEW LOGS where we can check at which activity this error is occurring

But still if we want to run that process in the machine where we want to, in debug mode, we need studio to be installed in that machine
If so we can copy the project folder of yours and paste in your machine where to be run and run in debug from studio

cheers @sai_s

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I can able to view the job logs.We have studio in machine under Unattended bot license.

This is helpful.Process package is downloaded from orchestrator to the bot machine.Is there any way to open the downloaded process in UiPath studio directly.

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Yah of course we can
Though we have downloaded the package from orchestrator it will be of nupkg file type
We need to extract the xaml files and other project folder from it which can be extracted by right click on it and extract option
Once after extracting we can directly click on that main xaml file so that it will open the studio and there you will be able to run the process in debug mode

Cheers @sai_s

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Thanks you very much

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