How to run bot from orchestrator?

i have a question i want to run unattended bot so my question is i have 3 workflow files
all are connect with invoke workflow
so i want to know i need to publish only invoke file where i have all work fallow in invoke workflow or i need to publish all work flow files


If these workflow files are also inside the folder project of the UiPath project you are publishing, you don’t have to publish them separately. Can you confirm the location? Thanks!

i tried but if i run from UiPath studio its work fine but when i try from orchestrator so only run one workflow not all

When you publish you are publishing the entire project, not just a XAML file. Assuming all three of these XAML files are within your one project, then they’ll all publish as part of the project.

Also FWIW…you don’t run a bot. You run a job. You publish a project and it becomes a process in Orchestrator. When you run the process that’s a job. A (ro)bot is a user.


I believe your issue is something else

I guess when you run from orchestrator only main.xaml is running…

if that is the case then generallyt her will be an entry point for any project and in general it would be main.xaml unless changed…and I see you are having one more parent workflow whcih is calling main also if you want all 3 to be run then set that as your entry point xaml…

the ne with green arrow is entry pint means…the bot when run from orchestrator it starts execution from this xaml

right click on any xaml to set it as entry point or remove the entry point as well


Hi @imumeriqbal

To run an unattended bot in UiPath, you generally need to publish all the workflow files that are part of your automation process. This ensures that all the required dependencies and activities are included in the published package.

When you publish a workflow file, UiPath Studio creates a package that contains all the necessary files, activities, and dependencies required to execute the automation process. This includes the main workflow file as well as any invoked workflow files.