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Hi all,
i’ve published a project but i didn’t find it in UIpath robot, i choose to publish via orchestrator, but i don’t have access to it. How can i fix it?

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@andreus91 if you want to see if in Uipath tray , you need to dis-connect from Orchectrator in your Uipath tray and then publish

If robot is connected to orchestrator it will not show in Uipath tray


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Uipath tray is uipath robot? So if it’s connected to orchestrator i can launch the robot only via orchestrator?

Yes you are correct , if uipath robot is connected to orchestrator then you can launch the robot from orchestrator only

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Thanks, and if i want to run via robot tray without orchestrator?

If you don’t want to run from Orchestrator then , In Ui robot disconnect from Orchestrator,
Process will start showing in Ui-robot , if it does not show, publish it one more time



If your published project is associated with your Environment/machine by creating a process in orchestrator then you can run it through robot tray.


I would like to clear up some confusion in the thread; as well as expand on @manishjagtap response.

While your Service is connected to Orchestrator, the project will be published to Orchestrator. Once you have created a process in a Modern Folder or associated with an Environment (Classic Folder), assuming the user you are connected to has the right permissions it will be presented to you in your Process List of the Agent Desktop/UiPath Assistant or UiPath Robot/Robot Tray.

You must be connected to Orchestrator to see the processes that you have published to Orchestrator.

While disconnected from Orchestrator the packages will publish locally and will only see these processes when disconnected.

I publish two packages locally, which I can initiate from the process list.

Connecting to Orchestrator and publishing a package. Agent Desktop/UiPath Assistant or UiPath Robot/Robot Tray will display the Processes you have access to in Orchestrator. In the below screenshot I have a process in the “Test” environment in a classic folder called “Default”.


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