Run 3 similar robots in one machine

Hi guys, I wonder if I could run 3 similar robots on one machine.
Do uipath products have this possibility?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by similar?

You can’t have multiple processes configured for different versions of the same deployed package on the same host.

You can create multiple processes with different input parameters to control the logic for the same version of package.

If you want to run more than two processes concurrently. You would need to setup RDS Host with applicable CAL and configure the robot host for “high density” and configure the machine in Orchestrator for addition runtimes.

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You can read this article for your reference.

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Do you want to run in same machine with different user accounts ?

@codemonkee I will explain the situation.
Currently I run my robot on three machines to perform the tasks as soon as possible. Each machine contains a Studio version with a different user.
How Can I do the same thing using only one machine ?

Please review for multiple unattended robots running concurrently on a single host. There is a link at the end that guides you on the requirements for Windows.

Note that more than two concurrently connected users will require addition Windows licensing (CAL)


@afnoureddine You can configure a floating bot for all the 3 accounts on the same machine, if it is an attended bot. But can’t run all the robots at a time.
You can also configure 3 unattended bots on 1 machine with 3 accounts which consume 3 licenses. But still you can run one after the other, not simultaneously.


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