Can uipath run multiple instance of same process with one robot in one system simultaneously

This is my first question so please pardon me for any errors or missing info.

Question: Can uipath run multiple instance of same process with one robot in one system simultaneously. For example if we have a robot setup for login in to a portal and doing some task and robot is invoked by a button on a web page. Is it possible for doing the same task for different user simultaneously. If not is there any work around?

We’re doing something similar. In our case we needed multiple VM’s each with their own robot instance and license since only one process can be handled by a robot at a time in our environment.

Yes , it’s possible.
High density robots


Thanks for the reply.

I have one more question:

How many robot can we initiate at once on a single system if we have only one UI path installed and licensed on that particular system. Is it possible to initiate more then one robot in a system? If yes whats the upper limit for that?

Hi @Amanraj_Singh,

As my understanding is single system is equal to one license. but you run multiple process.

Hi Shankm, Can you help to provide the steps to execute on @Amanraj_Singh query??

Gaurav Bansal

Hi @bansal745,
From 2018 update, we can’t run muliple instances of robots in a single machine, withou licence. we need same number of runtimes to run high density bots.
for eg: if you want to run 5 bot instances in a single server, you must have 5 runtimes in your orchestrator. else bots can’t run concurrently.

No, you cannot run multiple instance of same process on the one system simultaneously.

To run multiple instance of same process, you need multiple robots grouped into a single environment. And each robot is provisioned with each machine(could be VMs or Local machine).
This way you can run multiple instance of same process simultaneously but on different systems.

Note:- One machine(VM or Local) can have only one robot.