Can multiple Robots runs processes concurrently on the same machine

Hello there!

We have installed an Uipath Enterprise version in one dedicated machine (Windows 2012). Created four robots using the same machine name but with different users. Can these four bots run their own processes concurrently? In other words, can all four jobs get executed simultaneously? Or, are they going to be in the queue? Our goal is to run all four jobs simultaneously. We would greatly appreciate your advice on how can resolve this issue. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi @Akimalam

You cannot run multiple processes at the same time in the same machine. However, if all four processes are background processes, then you can run them in the background at the same time.

In your scenario, I think you are looking at the concept of high density robots which allow you to do this…

Use of this will allow you to achieve your requirement as it can be installed user wise. And it allows to run multiple processes at the same time and also allows to run the same process on all bots at the same time

Also refer to


After configuring High Density Robots, I was able to run multiple bots simultaneously. The above two links were very helpful. One thing to keep mind, can’t use the same bot simultaneously for two different processes - requires extra CPU power. Thanks to @Lahiru.Fernando for the link and information.


hi , that’s the part of concurrent :wink:
you cannot use the robot simultaneously basically one bot can be run only 1 given process at the time