Advanced - Assignment 2 super slow

So guys I am at the end of Advanced RPA Developer and tackling on the Performer tasks.
While I am doing some testing, I noticed the whole process is SO SLOW.

I researched some topics back in the forum and noticed the main suggestion is to change the WaitForReady property of all the elements to NONE.
I did that and it is still extremely slow, like taking 15 minutes to complete a whole year for a single ID.

I am uploading Main and Process .xaml hoping you can help me.
Please notice I didn’t put the “on Element Appears” in the Create Yearly Report process as suggested by the guide: after saving a month.csv file, it simply doesn’t appear to me so I don’t need that

Thanks and regards everybody

Process.xaml (12.0 KB) Main.xaml (51.0 KB)

No suggestions?

Please debug your workflow and find out which activity or which sequence is taking more time.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi, thanks for replying.
Is really taking 30 secs just to click Save.
It’s set on WaitforReady.None

I also tried with Text Exists instead of Element Exists to speed up the process a bit but it’s still very slow.

I am now trying with Attach Window when the Save pop-up appears…fingers crossed

Did you ever figure out a solution? I am having the exact same issue at the same part of the process.

@AndrewRoda I was able to fix this on my end by changing the “WaitForReady” to none in some of the activities in the affected workflow.