Speed up the RPA run


Is there any tips and tricks you can provide to speed up the RPA

I developed one rpa that extract data from the system but it’s slow
I have seen YouTubes for similar tasks that run faster.


Can you please elaborate about your process and what activities are you using. So that we can check and help you better.

My rpa dose the following:

  • go to transaction in the system (sap)
  • check some boxes (slow)
  • open window( if there is information inside that window)
  • if not i put find element and press escape (this step is slow)
  • pressing some buttons to download attachment (slow)
  • open attachment (slow but ok because it takes time to open)
    -i use find element if the attachment is excel it takes certain data (very slow)
    Another find element If it is pdf it takes certain info

The this is its faster when human do these steps
Any ideas


Try to use Partial Selectors. For example, if you are doing multiple activities in a single page then use Attach Window activity and indicate that page and place all activities you are performing on that page inside Attach Window activity.

Considering this
I hope you are using SAP application

In that case try to use SAP Activities by enabling sap gui
Probably you would have used the same and if so it will be faster

And still if doesn’t look faster it’s about the element we access
Like decrease the TIMEOUTMS property from its default 30000 milliseconds
And change the Waitforready property to None so that the specific activity won’t wait for that element to load completely because of the speed gets tuned

but usually we won’t be able to fasten up the process execution when done with rpa
It will help us to do things in automated way meantime we can work on others

You can also try with the sap specific activities

Cheers @HKF