Problems with Lesson 6 Assignment : RPA challenge


I am working on UIPATH RPA challenge assignment and I am running into few issues. The assignment says that

  1. Open Fakenamegenerator website and get required details using Input methods
  2. Open RPAchallenge website and paste those extracted details

The RPA challenge website says you have to provide various information for 10 different times(each time is called a Round). You first have to click on start to start the challenge.

What I am doing is

  1. Opened
  2. Opened
  3. Add a Do while loop
  4. In the DO section, I am first reading Fakename site and then extracting required data and storing them in variables
  5. I then check if it is first iteration and if it is, then I click on start button of the rpachallenge web
  6. I then pass all the required details and hit the submit button. Thats round 1… I have 9 more rounds to go
  7. The DO loop then performs 2nd time and this happens till 10th iteration is completed.

What isnt working here is, for the first iteration, when I provide the required data and hit submit button on RPA site, my round 1 completes but the submit button hits automatically for 4 more times(without keying any data on the screen) and I get to round 6. So Round 1 has valid data, Round 2 till Round 5 has no data but blank submissions and then I am at Round 6.
Round 6 again works perfect and however Round 7 till 10 works like Round 2 till 5.

So in essence, I am only entering two iterations of valid data and 8 iterations of blank data.

Can someone please help me on figuring out what is going wrong?

I unable to attach the Xaml as it says new users cannot attach/upload :frowning: