RPA Starter - Feedback Space

Very interesting and well designed course. We make this course a first step for all UiPath related skilling at my org. I feel that it can be enhanced by including some components of UiPath Studio etc.

Wonderful experience! just have started thinking of RPA, and on how to use it to supplement the work I have been doing. It will take sometimes to starting the RPA using Uipath but one by one I might be able to learn benefiting from RPAs.

Great construction and if there are more interative quizes that would be more engaging.

Thanks UiPath Academy Team!!! I’m from Brazil!
I’d like to have the oportunity to know RPA years ago!
This Starter Training is super comprehensive and I can see the power of automation and your plataform! I’m looking forward to get more knowledge and start to automate process where I work!

Thank you very much for making this open source and encouraging learning and innovation in this regard.

Content is on point and very precise and systematic. And best part its very engaging.

Please add a training module titled

“My business is introducing RPA - What do I need to know?”

Not everyone will be a bot developer and there needs to be some kind of process owner education on how to assess the potential for automation and evaluate priorities.

Similar to much of the business analyst content, but a scaled down version for people only marginally involved in the RPA implementation as process owners or SMEs.

Excellent concise training. Much appreciated.

Very nice start to learn the RPA processes and Ui Path gamout. Kudos to the designers and the team.

Very good introduction.

The RPA Starter Training is great and very informative. The video for UiPath Academy did not have sound, I used cc to follow the video.

Very good e-learning platform! Sometimes the videos are not being executed after clicking at play buttons.

Very good introduction! The mindset of RPA is brought across very nicely!

Great training session! I am looking forward to learn more!

I really like that you provide videos, check sections, and a lot of examples. It was just a start with RPA and now I want to know more :smiley:

Love it!

Good start to learn whole RPA process. I have just gone through the entire starter course, very well explained.
Thank you for such a good platform.

Love it!

It was eye opening and learned new things. In other words LOVED IT.

Good introduction, although it would be better containing more media presentations.