RPA Starter Training - Studio


I am working my way through the RPA Starter Training and I have installed Studio and following the videos.
I have a problem as when following the Studio video it looks different from what I have downloaded. The main problem is when I follow instructions and we come to the part with the flowchart this does not come up on my Studio.

Can anyone advise me on how to fix this or have any alternative training doc/videos that may help?



The UiPath staff is currently working on revamping the Academy site. Some of the videos are using an older version of Studio than the 2019 release. If you type “Flowchart” in the activities search box, it will show up.

Great. Thank you for the quick response. I will come back to you if I get into trouble.


I have found the flowchart as recommended but I am still having trouble following the video as the the video starts up a flowchart with sequences already created but it does not show how or when they were created. Also the right hand section is different and stated on the video but my Studio shows Properties.

I appreciate things are being updated but is there any alternatives to this training especially for someone completely new to RPA and has no background with RPA or IT as the videos and training are not clear and updated enough for me to follow?

There are available trainings at Udemy.com for about $12 USD per course, but they might be worth it (see below).

This one is great if you do not have a background in programming. He’ll go over the basics you’ll need to know.

This talks about RPA from a high level and as an overview. Personally, I don’t think this is as helpful as the academy courses, but you might want to take a look.

More on automation in this course. He even goes over some things not taugth in the academy courses.

More advanced training.

I haven’t tried this one, but it has excellent reviews.

I can’t say as to how up-to-date the courses here are, but since most of them are managed by one person, they will either be updated very quickly or very slowly, depending on what he considers a priority.

Hi Anthony,

I will have a look at these courses. I have made some progress with Studio and have a quick question.
When creating a sequence and adding “Assign” there are two column to fill out. I want to enter name so that my name comes up? I have put my name in the right but what do i put in the left column?
I am using name space and this does not seem to be correct.

If you have a variable MyName and want to assign it to "Stephen Mojsak", then you put MyName to the left, and "Stephen Mojsak" to the right.