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If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ RPA Business Analysis Fundamentals course, please feel free to add them in this thread.



I’m a RPA trainee at Danone and I just did the Business Analyst training.
The lessons are very easy to understand and many details are provided. Besides, lesson pdf’s and doc templates can also be downloaded.
I think this training could be very interesting for either experienced RPA developers who can know more about the BA role and impact in RPA development, also for new members who intend to work as BA.

Thank you Uipath world !
Enjoy automation


Hi, I am completely new to RPA. This training is clear and concise with easy to understand documentation and wording. I would eventually like to become certified as an RPA developer but I think anyone wishing to work in RPA should take this training. It helps to understand the aim and process of RPA from start to finish. The downloadable material and templates are also very useful as they can be referred back to by the student when they implement their newly found knowledge.


The RPA training is so concise and straightforward. I have gained so much insight, knowledge, and understanding. I love the training structure and guidance. Thank you so much for the downloadable materials.

Thank you, Uipath team!
You make learning interesting.

Have just completed RPA BA training. These trainings are so concise and easy to understand. Got a lot of insights and knowledge.

Thank you, Uipath.

Hello there,

I am completely new to the RPA world. This training has been very helpful to become familiar with the basic RPA terminologies and gain understanding of the role of Business Analyst in the RPA journey at all stages. The best part is the downloadable materials and templates which can you always refer back to whenever required and needed.

I am a new trainee at RPA, I just did the RPA Business analyst foundation training. the training was very comprehensive with teachings that are very easy to assimilate and the examples were easy to understand. the ability to download doc and pdf templates was also very helpful also.
I think this training could be very interesting for either experienced RPA developers who can know more about the BA role and impact in RPA development, also for new members who intend to work as BA.

Special thanks to UIPATH world
I really appreciate the training session.

Hello Everyone,
First thing first, UiPath is a golden tool for us. I am completely new to RPA ,this training has been very helpful and i have gained to much understanding of Business Analyst roles. They are easy to understand and you can download the materials so as to save and keep reading.

RPA BA Fundamentals is detailed and applies to UIPath and also the standards for any one performing the role. Details specific to UIPath gives more insight on where the BA needs to focus for RPA specific. Nice content.

Interesting course by UIpath. How can one gain more practical knowledge and improve on the skill acquired pending a job offer?


Thought the training was really interesting and easy to understand. As a BA for many years some of the terminology and real life practices where a little different to the training. It is a slightly different way of thinking to normal projects so terminology makes sense in this environment but not others.


This is a great course for BAs starting their RPA journey with UI Path. All training materials are very useful and provided in an organized and easy to learn format. Excited about the journey!

Hi Everyone!
I am completely new to RPA world. This RAP Business Analyst training is very much clear and concise with easy to understand documentation and wording. I really thank UiPath for providing such a wonderful training material. After completing the Business Analyst training, now i would like to go through RPA developer training material and gain more knowledge from the development perspective as well. Thanks UiPath !

Hi! I’m new in RPA and this course was really good and helpful. The course is very objective and clear, and the possibility of downloading the materials is amazing for us to keep studying.

Hello UiPath Team,

I am a business process specialist with zero knowledge about RPA Robotic Process Automation, the RPA Business Analysis has added to my knowledge from the traditional and manual business process I am used too.
I have learnt a lot from this course and the fact that RPA is the future of work processes and the enabler of digital transformation in almost all sectors. The materials and video content provided are very useful and will definitely re inforce the knowledge acquired.

I learnt a lot from this course , thank you to UiPath team for making this possible.



Hi! As a new comer, I am very exciting to get this tutorials online for free. All related documents are provided. Videos and illustration are good.
Even though, I could not catch up 100%, but I feel confident to go on the journey with UiPath community.

Hi Friends

I found this training to be one of the best, very easy to understand from the ground concepts, and beauty is loads of free papers, links and videos here and the templates as well. It also refresh some of my key business analyst skills. Quite happy with completing this.

Is there a badge I can obtain for completing this diploma and attach to linkedin?

Why this course and certification says fundamentals? Is there an advanced or full certification as well for this Business Analyst here?

Hi All,

Just Completed RPA Business Analysis Fundamentals… Being a CA and part of two SAP implementation team i can totaly relate the content of the course with the actual project environment and implementation methodology.

Course is very well drafted and easy to understand…


Learning about RPA, Ui Path makes it simple and easy to comprehend the process of implementing RPA technology. Ui Path breaks RPA down into different categories to make it easier to learn the concepts and vocabulary. Honestly the perfect course for beginners to RPA.