RPA Solution Architecture Fundamentals - Feedback Space

We want to hear your feedback‌.
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ RPA Solution Architecture Fundamentals course, please feel free to add them in this thread.


What I really do like to see in all of your courses is that you bring real-world examples for the practices using dump data and scenarios more close to reality. I think that will have more grasp to it.


I liked the detailed explanation of roles and responsibilities of solution architect.
I recommend you to provide a sample project for Enhanced Ref would be useful to understand.
And also it is good to provide the templates that are useful for the project like project estimations, guidelines, naming conventions etc.,

Thank you for providing a great course for free.

Karthik Byggari

More Example and challenges. The Examples should be relatable and Real World Scenarios are needed. Rest is Good