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We want to hear your feedback‌ .
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ Automation Solution Architect Training learning plan, please feel free to add them in this thread.


Dear @Angela_Pasol
if I may, I have a question related to this learning plan.

In the documentation for the “UiPath Certified Professional Automation Solution Architect Professional v1.0” (can be found here) is a mention about the “Automation Solution Architect Learning Plan” being available in January 2024. My question is if the document means the learning plan currently available (https://academy.uipath.com/learning-plans/rpa-solution-architect-foundation) or if there will be a new one issued. I am interested in taking the certification and I would like to start the most up-to-date learning plan.

Thank you very much and I apologize if the question is a bit off topic.

Hello FilipG,

Thank you for reaching out to us here! :slight_smile:

An updated comprehensive training aligned with the certification will be available for everyone by the end of this month. We will keep you posted here as soon as it gets released. Until then, you can refer to the documents and reference materials provided in the certification documentation.

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Hi @ganga.y,

thank you very much for the fast response! :slight_smile: I am looking forward to the training.

Have a nice day!

Hello everyone,
Academy Announcement: we are excited to announce the availability of the Automation Solution Architect Training, a comprehensive learning journey aligned with the Automation Solution Architect Professional certification, now accessible across all Academy portals. The training is designed and developed for learners aspiring to become an Automation Solution Architect with the UiPath platform ecosystem.What does the learning journey cover?
The learning plan initiates at an intermediate level and progresses towards an advanced level, guiding learners to design automation solutions in line with the UiPath Implementation Methodology framework.Is there a resource for a detailed overview of the learning journey?
Yes, as a learner, whether you are starting from scratch or transitioning from an Automation Developer to an Automation Solution Architect, or if you have solution architect experience from other technologies, refer to the Learning Journey Introduction document for an overview of the entire journey.What is the content and duration of the training plan?
The Automation Solution Architect Training plan comprises 28 courses , covering an introduction to the role, fundamentals of solution architecture, and an in-depth exploration of an automation project implementation. Additionally, it offers exposure to various product trainings essential for a comprehensive understanding of the UiPath platform to design effective and efficient solutions. It is estimated to take approximately 54 hours to complete and prepares learners for the Automation Solution Architect Professional exam.We need your help: We encourage you, to share this announcement with your colleagues, friends and leads . Ensure that no learner misses out on this opportunity! Help spread the word about the Automation Solution Architect Training and its potential impact on UiPath practitioners. If you receive any questions related to the training, whether from a customer or partner organization, or if you have any questions as a learner yourself, feel free to reach out to us here. We are here to help. :slight_smile:


The course is Awesome! Very comprehensive and easy to understand, with all the documentations needed to become an effective SA . Great job by UiPath academy :clap::clap:

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Thank you so much! :blush: If there’s anything you would like us to adjust, please let us know. I’m happy to connect and gather feedback.

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It was great learning experience in UiPath academy that was covered exam point of view

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Thank you, Deepak. Your encouragement motivates us to continue doing good work. Please share your feedback from an improvement standpoint. We appreciate any insights you can provide.

I’d like to thank for the UiPath academy to pursue a career guidance automation solution and improve my skills and deployment in this processes.

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Thank you Vaishnavi :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have any constructive feedback about the LP, we would love to hear it and make the changes if required.


Hello everyone,
I recently began the Automation Solution Architect training and would like to commend you on its well-structured organization. I am eager to continue exploring the course material.

Would you kindly direct me to the appropriate forum or channel for posting questions and comments related to the training content? I may have overlooked an existing discussion area, and I apologize if that is the case.

Thank you for your guidance and assistance.

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Hi Academy‌ Automation Solution Architect Training tutor(s),

First of all, understand I mean it, thanks for UiPath training developers efforts to present a meaningful solution architect training. It is not my intention to come up only with nifty remarks or critisism, no, everthing I’m trying to tell is purely positively meant, nothing else.

There is a lot to say about the module ‘Deep dive’ of the newest solution architect training. I presume you guys know it yourself. To me this module is an important part, from the start to finish.

I need to mention, from all the documents supplied, I did not get the intention, as a business analist in conjunction with a solution architect should; preparing a blue print (digital paper) how the vendor onboarding process drawings, should become an effective working robot; it is left to the imagination of the student. Finally, in the end of the deep dive module it becomes clear the best way to handle such an onboarding process (actually a blue print for many other types of projects) has been designed actually a two steps process; a dispatcher and a performer part, both as REFrameworks or state machines.

At the end of the module, learning about reviewing, students are able to download the proposed projects (the dispatcher and performer part).

For me personally, very nice, to become even more familiair with the REFramework (thanks again!). Despite all the important theory (but however very ‘dry’ learnings of the previous modules) it was a releave to dive into those projects and learn what people from UiPath have been build and learn from their way of coding such projects.

For me, it became a goal to get both processes working in my own private system. I may say, I succeeded; they become for me pretty good demonstration projects, thanks! Note, still a lot of bits and pieces need to be added for improvements (far too much to tell about at this spot, may be another time).

However, here are two things I need to mention, 1) I’m almost sure there is an omission (error) on the ACME system 1 web site; as the code tells (performer part) to search for a vendor by TaxID on ACME system 1, vendors can NOT be found (however only by vendor name). On several spots in both projects, the TaxID is the key identifier, track and connect (not the vendor name), 2) the other thing what is not clear is the relation between TaxID (ACME System 1) and the way it is used on ACME System 3 (windows app). In System 3 it suddenly becomes a client ID, but the format of the TaxID (2 characters + 6 numbers) and the ClientID differs (2 characters+5 numbers), what is the reason?

I guess, these code parts supplied are most possibly only meant as learnings about how to review (detecting intentionally mistakes in the code), if this is the case, please do accept my remarks as not written. If not, is it possible to fix the vendor search option on System 1 and explain the relation between TaxID and ClientID?

Moreover, is it possible to improve the ACME System 1 website > Search Vendors by TaxID with a delete function? I do know about the function to reset the website but that does mean other changes like work on workitems hash and monthly reporting roundup into an annual reports are lost as well. On other learning spots Academy is urging not to reset the website just because of loosing stuff.

Last but not least, please continue to improve the solution architect training (also the other ones, ha).

With regards,

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Thank you, Emil. I also appreciate you reaching out here. You’re at the right place. Please post your feedback here, and I’ll take a look and update the LP if necessary.

Thank you for your constructive feedback, as well as your appreciation. I’ll review your feedback thoroughly and see what we can incorporate.