RPA Level 3 Assignment 1 probelm using REFramework

Hi Guys!!!
I am working on Client Security Hash Code Assignement. I do not understand how to Use REFramework to complete the assignment, I get completely lost at “Get Transaction state” …I dont know how to move ahead from there , it gets complicated and confusing.

As per the video, in Get Transaction State you should be able to fetch one record at a time and process that in Process Transaction State…but i just fetch all data from ACME website and populate datatable in Get Transaction Phase…and later in Process state i
use the “For each row” and work with the data…

below are my doubts if somebody could help -

  1. Has anyone been able to use REFramework in assignment 1 the way it is suppose to be used…

  2. Do we loop using For each row in DT in “Get Transaction state” ??? (as per my understanding we should )
    We can do it in “Process Transaction State” ?

  3. And is it necessary that we have to use REFramework to complete Assignment 1.

I am unable to move forward with assignement1.

Thanks in advance.

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Just follow the walk through document.

  1. Yes
  2. In get transaction, take one data row at a time. That row has to process in the process transaction.
  3. Yes, it is mandatory to use re framework to complete assignments and get certification.

Karthik Byggari


Let me know the place where exactly you are confused. Will help you in solving the issues.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik.
I dont know, i just get overwhelmed by so many invoke activities and loose the track of workflow…Cant describe in words what exactly is the problem…i will give it a fresh try once again and will try to have better focus and concentration.

Thanks for all the help.
I’ll bother you in case i again get stuck.

Hi @KarthikByggari,
I am able to follow the PDF instructions better this time.
However I am getting the following error in Get Transaction state when all the transaction number and workitem array becomes equal.


could you please advise.