No Transaction Items during GET to PROCESS (ReFramework States)

Hi Uipath Community!

I have been going round in circles for days trying to complete the Calculate Client Security hash challenge

I have the solution built and the datascrapping is being gathered and filtered correctly into a variable but I am unable to link the GET STATE to the PROCESS STATE loop and I think I am not passing/binding the variables for each work package/item being processed (Transaction Item)

Uipath runs the Framework but stops at the GET state then says TransactionItem is Nothing and ends the process:

I cannot figure it out, any help would be appreciated!

Thank you very much!


The ReFramework is not making it to the PROCESS State as the first activity in the PROCESS state is a Log that doesn’t appear in my log traces ever:

Annotation 2020-07-18 034556

Thank you!

@edd.tomlinson You just need to change TransactionItem Variable type into datarow in both Proecess.Xaml and mail.Xaml.
In the first screenshot take out_transactionitem into transactionitem variable then also pass to process.Xaml in process state

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Hi Arpit!

You are an absolute legend! That resolved my issue! much appreciated!

Thank you very much!


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@edd.tomlinson my pleasure :crazy_face:

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