Is it Necessary to complete the calculate client security hash assignment as described in the walk-through?

1-Please tell me. because i have done without using re-framework.
2-if i use re-framework and not follow the instructions as described in walk-through and complete in my own way. so is it acceptable?


It’s better do with REFramework and it has lot many advantages. Once you completed these two assignments then you have to do main certification and for this REFramework is mandatory to complete the assignment. So this is the best time to learn REFramework and if you succeed here then you can easily crack that main certification.

dear @lakshman thanks for replying .
i stuck in re-framework from 3 days. i try without using it and succeed. i create thread but not find acceptable answer … that’s why i post this question

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Are you following Walk through document ?

i follow but stuck after extracting the datatable. i save the data in csv and check , the data is extracted. but when i filter using assign activity then it will not work.
then i use excel application scope to first write data in excel then read this data and using filter activity i’m able to filter the data of WI5 in other sheet . then other problem is how to pass it to further processing.


After extracting data from web page and assign it to one DataTable and say ‘DT’. And then use Filter DataTable activity or select query to filter the data.

    filterDT ="Type = 'WI5' AND 'Status' = 'Open'").CopyToDataTable

And then pass this filter DT to TransactionData variable which is of type DataTable.

Note: All these things should be Init state.

ok Dear @lakshman i’ll try

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dear @lakshman.
it works. now i use assign activity for WIList of array datarow. and pass the value of datatable which i filtered. it will show error.

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Convert that Array of DataRow into DataTable by writing CopyToDataTable at the end of expression. Please check above expression mentioned in my previous post.

brother in which expression @lakshman


This select query.

 filterDT ="Type = 'WI5' AND 'Status' = 'Open'").CopyToDataTable

i Check the data it will filter . now i dont understand this part

dear i don’t have WIList array of datarow because i filtered data in extractWorkItems. and save in ExtractDT. argument. then in init file i bind ExtractDT with TransactionData.
Now i’m at getTransactionData workflow and not find WIList Because i not use it then what is the solution of it


In REFramework, first you have to identify one thing like what is our TransactionData and based on this we have to use TransactionItem.

Array of TransactionItems is nothing but TransactionData.


  • If our TransactionData is DataTable then TransactionItem should be of type DataRow.
  • If our TransactionData is Array of string then TransactionItem should be of type string.

Now coming to your point. It’s nothing our filtered TransactionData. We have to read one by one row( i.e. DataRow) from this DataTable ans has to process it.

Yes dear TransactionData is DataTable and TransactionItem is DataRow.
I’m confused at this point

what is WIList.?

What is DataType of WIList. it’s not a global variable. Where i can declare it.


in_WIList argument is of type Array of DataRows i guess. You can change it to DataTable and pass that TransactionData to it.

In IF condition, try like this.

   in_TransactionNumber <= in_WIList.Rows.Count

   out_TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber - 1)

Not understand how to do it

That’s error is main i’m facing


Pass that TransactionData value to in_WIList argument.