UiPath Azure Devops Integration

Robotic Process Automation is software and should be treated the same way. Therefore we try to support you in integrating your RPA development and Testing into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Besides our native Jenkins Plugin, we have just released the latest version of our AzureDevops integration, which allows you to…

  • Package UiPath projects
  • Deploy packages to Orchestrator
  • Run Test Cases on Orchestrator.

Please feel free to give it a try and provide feedback.

Here is a quick tutorial on its usage:

  1. Setup a Service Connection in AzureDevops, that allows you to communicate with Orchestrator
    To do this…
  • go to Project Settings image
  • select Service Connections
  • select New Service Connection
  • Select UiPath Orchestrator Connection
  • Provide details for URL and authentication and store it
  1. Create a pipeline
  • Click on Pipelines
  • Select New pipeline
  • Link it with your code repostiroy
  1. Add the UiPath Integration steps
  • Select your pipeline and click on Edit
  • in the tasks bar search for UiPath
  • Select the task you want to use and configure it accordingly.
    (A detailed documentation on the available tasks and configurations can be found here)

BR, your Product Team


Hi there @ThomasStocker,
This new release looks amazing!

We recently moved across to this, however, we noticed that the deploy functionality does not discern between a Process Project and a Library Project.

As such, all get put into the Packages feed, as opposed to being segmented between Packages and Libraries.

Is this intended, or a bug?
Thanks in advance for your support,

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thx a lot for your feedback!
You are right, we should be able to distinguish between libs and standard packages here. We have logged your request and will try to deliver it in the upcoming version.

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Amazing, thanks @ThomasStocker!

This feature would make the extension perfect for us :slight_smile:

Do you think this could be done in two phases?
For the first, simply provide the parameter and let us note the type, either by parsing the project.json ourselves or by simply hard-coding it - Then deploy to the selected feed.

In the second phase, have the extension ascertain the type and deploy appropriately.

Just excited and want to start leveraging it ASAP!
Thanks once again for your support,

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We have not figured that out, but your input is definitely valuable. Will let you know when this is available.

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Really nice to see progress on the Azure DevOps Plugin. Working good for me!

Only thing what i don’t get working is how to set variables for a release pipeline run which is triggered by continous deployment. But that is more a Azure DevOps things than an UiPath one.

I would like to request some kind of best practice or recommendation from UiPath how to set this up. For example having the UiPath Pack task in the Build Pipeline and put the UiPath Deploy task in a release pipeline with several stages for TEST and PROD. How to make the pipeplines more dynamic, how to set variables, Continous Deployment enabled etc.