RPA Infrastructure: Promotion between Environments (DevOps)

Promotion between the Environments:
• How do we do promotion between different environments i.e. From Dev to UAT to Production in UiPath Implementation?
• Is there any tool or utility which is used to do so?
• What are the challenges and common issues you/your team has faced.

Many Thanks for the response.

Bump this topic … interested in same info. Last time I heard, there were no real automation ways from UiPath, but that could have changed.

This is just from what I know, but there is a task being created by UiPath to integrate into VSTS/Azure DevOps. This should allow a more streamlined way to deploy projects between multiple Environments.

I can’t provide any other details because I’m not sure if it is supported by the UiPath team yet. I have used it briefly, but initially there were some issues installing it in our company, but I think we’ll get it working soon.

I don’t know when or if UiPath plans to present this solution publicly.

Thanks @ClaytonM. Anyone from UiPath has more info on this (hopefully UiPath admins see this :))

Hi @Kemal

We are definitely looking into improvements in the CI/CD area to streamline deployment and further improve scaling capabilities. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Please check out this idea and provide your feedback, it is always welcome: