UiPath Installation to set up Dev Production UAT Environment


We want to set up 3 different environments - Dev, UAT and Prod (Not the UiPath ‘Environment’ terminology)

What would be the installation steps, pre-requisites, hardware and software requirements, checklists to set up infrastructure for 3 separate environments? For Studio, Cloud Orchestrator, Robot.

  1. Set up Dev, UAT and Prod environments for RPA development - Do we need to create 3 Tenants within the Same Single Orchestrator Instance?


  1. Create 3 Separate Orchestrators Instances each having a Single-Tenant. So 1 Orch Instance each for Dev, UAT, Prod?

In a nutshell, is Multi-Tenancy the right way to have separate set-up for Dev/UAT/Prod environments within an enterprise?


Check below post, for requirments of installation

we need different instances, as if you maintain PROD in Dev / UAT then it will creates some problems if the Server is down then PROD environment is also effected

Also you can reach the technical support for any kind of technical issue if you have Enterprise license

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Hello @Debleena_Dhar,

I would say for an enterprise it’s best if you have 3 seperate orchestrator instances. That said if your org has procured only 1 Orchestrator license you can go for multi-tenancy as well.

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Hi @Debleena_Dhar - The recommended practice is to have 3 different servers. If that is not feasible then you can have 2 servers (1 for Prod and another for Dev/QA/UAT).
please refer to link https://docs.uipath.com/installation-and-upgrade/docs/orchestrator-prerequisites-for-installation for pre-requisites.

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Thank you all for your help and response.