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I’m having issues following along with the “Video demo - Build your first process part 1” in the RPA Developer Foundation course as the video uses an older version of Studio and the updated Studio I’m using doesn’t have the same features (or at least they’re much harder to find). Has anyone been able to figure out how to complete it on the new Studio?


The features are there, just in slightly different locations. The video is using the older version (they should update with the newer version to avoid confusion) but if your talking about the UI Automation it isnt listed in under the modern drop down as that does not exist (we have a classic dropdown option). The rest of the tree will look the same. I am however running into a problem at the debugging/Run stage where Im running into error messages about the Variable we create at the beginning, Get Data.xaml: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “MailMessages”.
Value of type ‘System.Collections.Generic.List(Of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage)’ cannot be converted to ‘System.Net.Mail.MailMessage’.
I have watched the video several times repeating each process several times and I have everything created the exact same way the video shows

Incase if there is an input field where we need to enter some data and at the same time if we need to store that value in a variable. They are not showing it anywhere in the video. Because of that in “generating a strong password” video every time it gets executed it will paste same password but the password its copying from the browser is different. Its happening because we are not storing that value in the variable.

The other thing is about absolute path and relative path. In the video its changing in a fraction of seconds. Its not showing us how to change the path

We need documents for the examples shown in the explanation videos too.

UIpath is awesome.

El curso esta excelente, super entretendio, co información concreta y didactica; mi única duda es, ¿cuales o como uno sabe si el modulo es certificable?

excellent course and very fit for me!

In the ProcessUserData tutorial, the Type Into FirstName step uses the “row” method, whereas the latest Studio version uses “CurrentRow”. And zipped solution uses a completely different activity altogether to complete that step. I understand that things change, but a robust process that updates the affected tutorials seems fairly fundamental to offering a coding academy. Thanks for inviting feebdack!

I believe this training is for Advance level of developer, Its not necessary to learn from scratch

Thank you for flagging this. Both courses have now been updated with the correct videos.

the course is good ,but the Chinese caption is kind of hard to understand ,it does not match the video some time.
And for the new learner ,it’s hard about the VB.NET part .hope that you have the
Prerequisite courses for vb.net

So great. Tks for sharing informations.

Please see my posts in: UiPath StudioX - Feedback Space - #12 by fred.bullmer

So far the training has been good. I am learning a lot about RPA

I Learned a lot from this course. I wish I’d realized that the Learning Resources might be helpful at the beginning.

It was indeed good, I must say. Lots of learnings about basics which will be helpful to move ahead in RPA journey. One suggestion. The demo videos in the courses should be bit slower to get the better understanding of the processes performed.