Update the foundation course please please please please please

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This is driving me nuts. I am expecting to learn everything I need to the UiPath from the foundation courses, except all I get is what function has been updated and which item was removed from the older version and that I have NO IDEA how to follow along the course! It’s ridiculous!!! I have to troubleshoot EVERY SINGLE STEP simply because the button/feature was removed from the latest version and I have to look up ways to get around it. For instance, the most fundamental of all, the “sequence” bottom. I couldn’t find it from the activities column as the video demonstrated, and it took me 30 minutes to scroll through this forum to finally find out that I might as well just use the “Group” function because… why not? LOL. And now, I’m stuck because I cant find the “Get outlook email” function. I am so pissed. If the course wasn’t made to be followed along, then it seriously should be taken down and save us all some time. OR JUST ADD BACK THE GOD DAMN BUTTON FFS.

P.S. Im using UiPath StudioX Community 2022.4.3