RPA Developer - Foundation Diploma


Probably this question might have been answered before, but just want to know for the certification, do we need to get 100% for all the quiz from lesson 1 or just need to pass the final assessment?

Thanks in advance!

No just you need 70% from all the lessons including final test also

Check this out:

Quoted from the above:
Q: How can I get the RPA Developer Foundation Diploma?
A: The RPA Developer Foundation Diploma can be attained by those who have successfully completed the RPA Developer Foundation Training. The Final Test is automatically launched at the end of the course, after the recap session.

In short, you have to pass all the quiz(10questions each lesson, passing score: 70%) in order to proceed to the next lesson until you reach to take the final test(45questions, passing score: 70%).


Thanks all for the reply! Working towards certification at the moment. :grinning:

I am new to RPA.

I have registered for Level 1 - Foundation Training certification.I could see there are 177 videos present in the training.

Are those contents from basic for those who are completely new to RPA?

Do I need to go through all the 177 videos in order to complete certification?

Yes, You have to go through all the 177 videos including 14 lessons. You have to take test at the end of each lesson and finally you have to take test for the Certification course.

Thanks for your reply…

From registered date, does it have any time period to complete the overall training with certification?

Are those contents from basic for those who are completely new to RPA?

If I take some 2 lessons today and rest I will take tomorrow, does it allow to start from the 3rd lesson?

Can you please reply for all the queries…

I am not sure about the time period from the registered date to complete the overall training.
It is foundation training. So a person who is new to RPA can understand well.
It will allow to take lessons, from where you stopped on previous session.

can student register for RPA??

Good to hear :+1:
Yes please.

but i dont work yet, it is asking for company name

is there any time limit for completing sessions

just give any company name :stuck_out_tongue:
no time limit for completion.

No there is no time limit

If you’re not currently working, please fill in freelancer in the Company field

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Is there any time limit for the final test?

3 attempts are there after that 24 hours it will be locked

i have passed the final test, but when i back to the lesson list, it still shows the final test locked. information “you have reached the maximum number of views” showed. what is that mean?

Once you take the test and pass you can’t retake it or see the questions and answers.

i know but i just wonder it should have been a green tick on it, which is like other completed lessons.

how ever i have downloaded the diploma from my activities.