RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan

I completed all sections of the RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan but it doesn’t show as 100% complete due to updated trainings added at the beginning of 2019. Is there an additional diploma that is earned once it shows 100% at the top?

Hi @sarverha

No there is no extra diploma for finishing the advanced training plan, but more importantly you can now go to https://certificate.uipath.com and start the certification.

Also since you’ve finished the advanced training, now you can apply for the advanced group following this link Uipath academy - advanced - UiPath Community Forum … this way you will have the badge of a robot master.


To be honest, I thought once I completed the advanced training i would be certified :disappointed_relieved:. I’m a little apprehensive about taking timed exams.

the first part is a simple quiz much like the ones you’ve already saw in the foundation and orchestrator, the only difference is that you will have questions about ReFramework.

the second part is a project that will be similar to what you’ve done in the advanced training, honestly I found it to be easier than the advanced trainings’ projects, you won’t have any kind of PDD to follow and you will do things your way, it was easier somehow.

if you are confident about Advanced Training and RE-Framework attempt the Certification. it will be a breeze :slight_smile:

can someone help me to find the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan. I tried finding but no luck.