RPA Developer Foundation - Debugging - Practice 1 exercise

Dear colleagues,

I am close to finish the RPA Developer Foundation course, but looks like I still have a lot to learn :))

  1. User input the number of iterations
  2. Access Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator + extract the first name, last name, phone number and company name
  3. Then access http://rpachallenge.com/ (which as you know, every refresh the fields are in a different position)

My problem: the workflow input in http://rpachallenge.com/ ONLY the results of LAST iteration and ignores the previous ones.
e.g User request 5 iterations. It extracts in the last iteration John Smith, phone number 123456, Company ABC
in RPA Challenge it inputs 5 times:
FirstName: John,
LastName: Smith,
Phone Number:123456,
Company: ABC
Main.xaml (36.2 KB)

You’re overwriting the variables your using each time you iterate over the new names you’re generating, so at the end of your first loop on the name generator site, your variables end up with the last data entered.

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Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your time to reply. What should I do different in order not to overwrite the variables?

Ideally, the data should be read from the datatable you created. It will simplify your code and make debugging easier. Iterations should only be done on the datatable you’ve created.

Also, you should not be applying the data to the rpachallenge site multiple times for each pulled dataset. It should only be entered once for each dataset. For example, if I request 3 names, the process should only enter each of those names one time each to the rpachallenge site. Your process currently would enter each one 3 times for a total of 9 submissions.